Moved to Dotcom

I started blogging in 2008 when I was in high school. I have to admit that I always wanted to have a dotcom page. To make long story short, I had already buy a domain under but its a crap domain seller, which throw my dream away to have a dotcom page. Then here I am today, with the sunlight spotting my half face, registered to wordpress (this wasn’t my first time) and buy a domain under

Sun is shining through Library windows.

I was lil bit confused about the domain name whether I have to choose a formal name or my initial name ‘OKS’. But then I decided to chose okky-irmanita instead. I am expecting this page could contain as many things that I could share. Particularly about media, photography, or my daily story in Glasgow or wherever I

stayed after I pursued my master degree.

What does this website means to me? 
Firstly, changes is await and what do I have to do is press the ‘Enter’ button. 
Secondly, I can be more productive than I thought 
Lastly, I am happy to thick my bucket list 😉 


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