So you can cite Wikipedia(?) 

My tutors always remind us to avoid citing Wikipedia on academic writings. Not only my tutors at UofG but also my previous tutors at Universitas Hasanuddin.  Continue reading “So you can cite Wikipedia(?) “


Tasty Strawberry

Back in my home country, strawberry is pretty rare. You could find it in street market but it is generally tiny and sour. But here in Scotland, I found the real strawberry. Since the first time I arrived in Glasgow, the size, taste, and prize of strawberry was impressive. I bought a box of strawberry at the stall on the side of the road for £1.5 pound. And then, when it turns to fall and winter, the price became expensive so did its availability on the fruit shelf. 

Now, everyone is begin to welcoming spring. Students are starting to change their winter coat to more fancy coat. There are also some flowers that begin to blossom again. It will not be taken to see plentiful strawberry at the fruit stalls.  Yeay

 photo by Putri Eva. 

Remote Desktop 

  I’ve heard about this technology since the end of 2015 but I was not interested. But then, earlier today, I have a chat with PhD students from Nigeria who told me a story about her PhD life.
“One of my office mate rarely showed up because she’s using remote desktop”, she said.

So, this afternoon, I opened the uni website to find out. I installed the app to my mac and followed the instruction. 

First impression: this is cool. The display of my mac suddenly replicated the appeareance of any PC at the library. I can also access all my files that is saved on library PC’s. 

Second impression: okay, I still could access my files (especially journal articles) because most of the time, I will upload each journal to my Google Drive. Thus, I still can access the journal from any gadget. 

How about printing?

Well, since the beginning of my course, I’ve installed Pull Printing app on my mac, so I can print any document from my mac simply by pressing Ctrl+P and jump up to the nearest printer at the library to catch my printed files. 

However, this tech is still sophisticated. It could be easily forgotten that this was huge improvement for students without actually realising how big is the impact for our daily academic activites. 

The End of Maria Sharapova? 

I just enjoyed my white cinnamon coffee at Gilchrist Postgraduate Club when BBC News broadcasted Maria Sharapova’s press conference.

She admitted that she failed the doping test because she has been using Meldonium. This kind of drug, she said, is used for her treatment because she also diagnosed to be diabetic. 

What a shame, in this International Women’s Day today, one of the best women sport player in the world could end up her career like this. Even Nike has announced that they will suspended their sponsorship for Sharapova. 

I’ve read this compethensive article by the BBC:

Light Snow Last Night

10 minutes before 12am midnight, I decided to went home. From the exit door of the Main Library, I was seeing that there was raining. There was light snow at midnight in ‘Hogwarts’..! 

When I woke up in the morning, there was no more snow outside. So perhaps this light snow was just happened for some minutes.

I always ‘celebrate’ the moment when snow was falling. I won’t see any snow in my home country. We always explain Indonesian weather as ‘It is almost sunny the whole year with the temperature 30 degrees on average’ LOL.