The End of Maria Sharapova? 

I just enjoyed my white cinnamon coffee at Gilchrist Postgraduate Club when BBC News broadcasted Maria Sharapova’s press conference. She admitted that she failed the doping test because she has been using Meldonium. This kind of drug, she said, is used for her treatment because she also diagnosed to be diabetic.  What a shame, in this International Women’s Day today, one of the best women … Continue reading The End of Maria Sharapova? 

Light Snow Last Night

10 minutes before 12am midnight, I decided to went home. From the exit door of the Main Library, I was seeing that there was raining. There was light snow at midnight in ‘Hogwarts’..!  When I woke up in the morning, there was no more snow outside. So perhaps this light snow was just happened for some minutes. I always ‘celebrate’ the moment when snow was … Continue reading Light Snow Last Night