Lunch and Share

Glasgow weather today was looooovely. Plus, We have a cool schedule at noon. Today, Me, Eva and Maya cooked some Indonesian dishes and invited our friend at the university. Most of them are our classmate at Media Management course. And the rest, Jakub and John are Stella’s friend. We’ve met them at Stella’s friend on a Chinese new year dinner couple weeks ago.

The -super fun- lunch was taken place at Maya’s flat so me and Eva approached there at the morning and started cooking at 10.30 am.

Me and Eva and our cute and colourful fruit skewers.

Firstly, we cooked  fried rice with catfish (nasi goreng teri). We cooked this dish twice to make sure the portion is plenty enough for our guests. Secondly, we prepared Capcay with extra chili because we’ve notified our guests that our lunch will be spicy. Thirdly, we cooked Indomie Goreng with green peas and fried shallot for its finishing touch. We also made Capcay, which is our daily dishes in Indonesia, consisted of various vegetables. Fourthly, Maya fried her Ayam Kalasan (Chicken with Kalasan seasonings), which she has marinated the night before. Lastly, we sliced apples, oranges, and kiwis and put them into bamboo skewer or in Indonesia known as tusuk sate. We also melted some chocolate spread as a sauce for the fruits (photo above).

Our lunch: Fried rice, Indomie goreng, Sliced omelettes, capcay (mixed saute vegetables), and fruit skewers with chocolate dip.

Our guests were really enjoyed the meals. They voted for Indomie goreng for their most favorite dish. Thankfully, they were survived with the level of our spicy-ness. LOL

After lunch: Drinking Sariwangi tea and playing Domino

For a dessert, Maya has prepared chocolate pudding from our national brand Nutrijel. It was great, not too sweet, and the fla sauce was fantastic (credit to Maya, hope she read this).

It’s time to play. Maya brought out her Domino box and we played it. Although some of us did not know how to play, it was still fun. Those who didn’t know learnt so fast and made the game turn into serious run. We even put a notes of our score. We played as a team. The team who lost has to wash all of our dishes. And it happened. At the end, the boys washed the dishes. Hahaha

This is my second experience on ‘hanging out’ and eat together with foreigner. I spent most of my ‘eat together’ moment  with my fellow Indonesian. Either in Glasgow and in other cities that I’ve ever visited.

We shared our culture, daily experience, and even talked about our country history. For the non-native speaker like us, the moment like this might be perfect to improve our speaking skill. Especially for me, where I rarely have opportunity to delivering speech throughout my course. Almost all my assessment are based on writings.

Beside for speaking practice, We’ve got a chance to fulfill our desire as a human being: interaction. Many research proved that interaction not only delivers social support for person but also affect his/her immune system. For me personally, I’ve been consider interaction as my personal need at daily basis. So, obviously that is the answer why I still allocate my leisure time to join various social activities. 😉 🙂




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