They’re responded!

lion glasgow

This morning, I opened my Facebook account to check some messages (and obviously some notifications, LOL). The first thing I saw on my timeline was a news feed from University of Glasgow (UofG). The researchers from UofG revealed that lion could be living together with human without being caged.

By the time I wrote this blog post, the video has been seen by more than 5k Facebook users, shared by 22, and commented by 11. Interestingly, I found that the Facebook admin(s) of UofG replied to some comments.

Facebook users Nathan commented ‘Can we expect lions on Gilmore Hill anytime soon?’. Gilmore Hill is where the UoG main campus located, by the way. And UofG replied ‘Now that’s an interesting thought!’. They’re responded!

Many scholarly articles suggested that building engagement in social media is a must for those who want to succeed on marketing stuff. Apparently, UofG has been ranked as the best university in Scotland that effectively optimising their social media.

“The University of Glasgow are taking engagement seriously by replying promptly to their followers’ comments and posts. In terms of engagement Glasgow was so far ahead of the others as to be in a different universe.”, says the Social media marketing company Florizel Media that released the study.

However, Indonesian universities are still far away for optimising their social media. Most of the popular universities even still lack of maintaining their official website.

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