“Energy Azerbaijan” at Euro 2016

I watched just a few match on Euro 2016 so far.
What attracted my sight was “Energy Azerbaijan” hoardings on the matches I’ve watched. At this moment, I am watching Germany Vs Slovakia and the ad is showing again. I then googled the news about Azerbaijan placements in Euro 2016.


Here is the article from Reuters.com.

“Azerbaijan and China are not playing at the Euro 2016 soccer finals but the tournament has provided a stage for a leading company from both countries to grab the spotlight.

Despite Western concerns over human rights and democracy in Azerbaijan and China, each has a state-owned firm among the official sponsors at an event with a global television audience.”

[More: http://www.reuters.com/article/soccer-euro-sponsors-idUSL8N1951Z9]


Indonesia also has its national brand presenting in the international football event. It was on English Premiere League whereby Garuda Indonesia sponsoring Liverpool. Garuda Indonesia’s placement also appeared in Liverpool’s grey training jersey.

My employer, KompasTV had also appeared in the hoardings of English Premiere League. If I’m not mistaken, it was showed several times including on the match in Etihad Stadium, the home of Manchester City football club. I’ve heard some rumors around my fellow mates at the office that the placement was a part of collaboration between KompasTV and EPL. On the 2014/2015 season, KompasTV exclusively bought some EPL matches that involving popular EPL clubs such as Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool.

Football has been definitely attractive for brands all over the world. Particularly in Asia, football is the most popular sporting event to watch. For example, the Asian fans of English Premiere league had emerged to 820 million fans in 2014. Pollins (2014) asserted “the Premier League has more supporters in Asia than anywhere else”.

It was no wonder than the brand such as Garuda Indonesia, Energy Azerbaijan, and even some beer brands from Thailand throwing their money to get advertising placements in international football matches.

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