I’m glad to be back!

I am really happy to return to my homeland. After my dissertation submission, I was taking a great vacation to Europe including the place I really want to visit: Cordoba.

I arrived in Jakarta on September 18. I had a tremendous hibernating period for a couple of days and started to exercise with KompasTV’s women futsal team. We prepared for Oetama Cup, which started on October 10.

I also joined an exercise with Kompas’ street workout community. It was fun, my body aches for a week!.

My first day at work started at October 4 but for some administration procedure, I came to office the day before, which was October 3. I celebrated my 2X birthday in the newsroom. Thanks to Frisca whom really kind to present me a tart cake with some candles on it.

a birthday cake from Frisca.

At October 4, my first assignment was to cover the stories from Indonesian Parliament Office. I still remember some journalists who were embedded at the office and it was helpful to get some information about the daily agenda and the current issues there.

Funny story was when I and my cameramen tried to find a legislative member to get interviewed. Based on our info, he should be at a meeting in Commission III room.

We went to the Nusantara I building where I assumed the meeting room should be situated. It didn’t there. Wrong building. My cameramen then told me, that we supposed to go to Nusantara II – he tried to tell me beforehand but he decided to follow me anyway -____-.

with fellow journalists at Indonesian Parliement Building (Gedung MPR/DPR) – 04/10/2016

I’m glad to be back. To my family, friends, and my job. I was taking an annual leave from KompasTV. After I pursued my master degree at Media Management in the University of Glasgow, I am back to the business and catching up with the newsroom.

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