So, the First Live Report

The first live report in 2016? not really.

I’ve had a live report using Skype in June 2016 talking about the impact of Brexit vote for Indonesians who live in the UK.

The answer is yes if my live report on October 20 was the first in 2016 in KompasTV’s terrestrial channel.

It was taken place in the Indonesian Police Headquarter in South Jakarta. The live report was about the follow-up of the headquarter of the terrorist attack in Tangerang. The attack caused 3 police hospitalised. Later, the police stated that the attacker had a relationship with ISIS.


First live at Indonesian Police Headquarter (Mabes Polri) – 20/10/2016


It was a hot sunny day and I wear a white dress and hijab. Why worried? Because….. it made the picture becomes too bright. The rules are: do not wear white and do not wear a striped dress that might cause “flickering” pictures.

Was I nervous? Yes.

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