Get rid of SIM Card Problem

“No Service”. It’s like a Deja Vu.

At the early day of my stay in Glasgow, I had a problem with 3 SIM card. It continued showing “No Service” at the upper left corner of my iPhone.

It turned out that the SIM Card had the factory problem so the staff at 3 outlets in Buchanan Street offered a free replacement. I spent 3 days without phone/SMS/mobile data service. I just used wifi to survive.

It happened again on my early day in my homeland. At the first and second week, I had no problem using my Telkomsel SIM card. The disaster came when I began to work. My phone suddenly lost its coverage.

On my day off, I went to Central Park mall and heading to Telkomsel’s Grapari – a customer service centre. They had an automated machine for upgrading a 3G to 4G SIM card. Perfect.

Unfortunately, It was just staying good for three days. No service again.

I assumed the problem was on my iPhone since it had a SIM card stuck when I was travelling in Germany. Meaning, I could just use wifi and had to have another device to keep my Telkomsel number work. Telkomsel is my primary mobile number in Indonesia. Although I was living in Glasgow for a year, I didn’t change my Whatsapp number. I kept my Telkomsel number for Whatsapp.

So, I survived approximately 3 weeks on using a single number with two devices:

– an iPhone for Whatsapp and other online services, dependent on wifi and a Bolt! 4G modem.

– a Nokia 5130 to phone/SMS
The XL starter pack and my Three SIM card that I bought in the UK.


The XL starter pack and my Three SIM card that I bought in the UK.


Today, I made a history.

I went to a SIM card stall near my apartment to buy another SIM card. I wonder if another SIM card could work on my phone. Perhaps the problem is not on my iPhone but on the Telkomsel SIM Card.

The answer is no. Not that easy.

The XL SIM Card has no difference. No service. I went home and still wonder and kept insert and pull out the SIM card slot on my iPhone.

Got it!. The XL has worked!

It started to shown some bars. I began to search how to top up and how to register to the internet. Bingo!

Although I still had a little pessimism but I am happy that it worked.

What would happen if the XL or another SIM card couldn’t work:

– I have to send my iPhone to the repair centre in the UK. Firstly, I bought my iPhone there. Secondly, there’s no Apple store in Indonesia – it was just some authorised resellers.

– I have to make sure that I registered for the repair service with no guarantee that I can take my iPhone back before I go home.

Ah, and this is the first time I’m using XL service. I had used Telkomsel, IM3 and Three before. It’s common in Indonesia that people change their SIM Card occasionally. Price and promotion are the main reasons.

I hope my iPhone and XL SIM card could share the same chemistry so the network could work. My daily routine really depends on internet devices and internet connections.

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