The 411

I saw smokes were rising to the dark skies. Made it diffuse with anger, scream, and pray.

I saw a young man still ran to where the smoke came. He eagerly threw something to the source of the teargas.

Here it goes again.

I and my colleague were stood out inside the military camp. The safest place on that night.

Some of the protesters paved the way for us. In the middle of the riot, those youngsters in white cloak were saying “please step aside, these two ladies have to be in safe place before you guys!”.


20 minutes before I sat down beneath the military tent, I can feel the heat among the protesters.

The orator said, “Are we ready for Jihad???!!!”
As expected, the mass responded positively.
Some of them prayed but many of them were burning and ready for the worst consequences.


I had more than 20 men and women 5 metres around me. They closed their eyes. Some of them cried. A beautiful prayer from the loudspeakers triggered them to immersed in calm.

I believe they unite in that place, that day, at 4/11, encouraged by their faith.
Pure faith.

But, there were evils on that day. Some evil.
Taken their [the protesters] faith for granted.

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