A Coffee from Otago

Otago is a street name in Glasgow.
A friend named Osa and Febri were lived there a year ago with their pretty daughter Malia.

Otago has inspired Osa to use the name for his new business: coffee roasting.

While in Glasgow, Osa had spent sometimes to do a part time job in Offshore coffee shop. Offshore is owned by a Scottish guy who married Indonesian woman Mrs Vera.

Osa told me that he learned many things about coffee during her part time. I had one time when I went to their flat, Osa served me a cup of great coffee. At that time, I thought he had the talent to be a coffee maker.

Having back home in September, Osa started to build his coffee business. He promoted his brand “Otago” in our WhatsApp group – consisted of Indonesian – Glasgow alumni. Our friends were excited to hear the news. Some even directly contacted Osa to order the coffee.

He offered some Indonesian signature coffee such as Flores, Toraja, and Kintamani.


I hope his business will running smoothly.
As a support, I voluntarily photoed the coffee that I bought using my mirrorless camera and send them to Osa.

Way to go, Otago!!

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