Flight to London with Garuda

First impression:

– it was on time. The first time my mom bought the ticket, the schedule was 08.40am. However, couple of days before the departure, the flight is moved earlier to 07.20am. We boarded on time.

– we had plenty of free newspaper before entering the plane

Then we have to transit for 30 mins in Changi airport, Singapore. Yep, just 30 mins.

After transit, we had a super duper long flight.

We stayed on board for more than 15 hours!

We did some sleep, eating food served from the flight attendant, watching movies, looked at the window pane – repeat.

Some part of Bucharest from the cabin of Garuda Indonesia | 22/11/2016

It was a pleasant flight indeed – in terms of the food and the avalaible seating for my mom to sleep properly. In addition, the flight with Garuda offered the same day arrival.

But, I’d prefer fly with Emirates, which has a longer transit in Dubai.

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