Trip to Paris: an Impressive Louvre Museum

The pyramids of Lovre. Inherent in my memory since I watch the Da Vinci Code film. I wanna go there, I said once, on my mind, obviously.

Me and Maya actually had visited The Louvre on the 2nd day but two things happened.

  • My camera battery has drained. We need the photos, we need to film every moment of our trip!. So, I just took some photos using my iPhone. Not bad. But we have to come once more.
  • We’re tired. The hot sunny day killed us.

Then, we rescheduled the plan and arrived at the Louvre early in the morning. We walked from our hotel!. Only 30 minutes tho.

Near the main entrance, I saw some army soldiers, carrying a weapon on their hands. Perhaps the security reason. We’re in Paris just a couple of weeks after a terror in Nice, France.


We’re so in love with Louvre. It’s contrast what we’d see from outside and the inside. The pyramids of Louvre is so futuristic while the museum inside it is classy.

And then, I saw Mona Lisa. Full of effort as the matter of my body height. Maya wins once more.

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