Trip to Paris: Eiffel Tower

Me and my classmate Maya Susanti decided to celebrate our dissertation submission by having a trip to Europe!.

We visited 5 countries and spent 12 days in total.

First day of our trip: Paris.

We literally spent our first day – just – staying at the hotel. We’re too tired to do anything since we just arrived from another trip to Scottish highland and submitted our dissertation just a day before.

So, on our 2nd day, we’re moving around and enjoyed our day at the icon of Paris: Eiffel Tower.

The Eiffel is beautiful. Although, at the first time we arrived, it looked dry. No green grass at its most part. We caught the calm green environment later, nearby the tower.

Some facts why Eiffel feels arid to us:

  • The area used as a place to watch the final match of Euro 2016 between France and Portugal. Many folks. The grass had been trampled down.
  • It’s summer. 26 – 28 degrees that noon. OMG.

Anyway, we’ll never forget this Eiffel experience.

It’s our first day in Paris and the first touristy place to begin our Eurotrip. Plus, it’s unbelievable that we made it after our thrilled moment of waiting our visa.

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