A Year of Thamrin Bombing

Januari 14, 2016.

I woke up earlier than I used to. My first ritual: checking my iphone. Tremendeous amount of Whatsapp chat blew my mind. More than 1,2k chats.

The most noisy conversation came from the news gathering’s Whatsapp group. There’s a bomb in Sarinah, Thamrin street. Some people injured, 2 confirmed dead, and the terrorists still shooting the police. Horrifying moment.

There’re also issues that some places were attacked by the terrorist, including my office.

I called my mom. She’s okay. And the issues were proven to be inccorect. The attack was just happened in Thamrin, other place in Jakarta is save, my Mom confirmed. 

A year passed by. And here I am with the survivors and family of Thamrin victim. They mourned. At 10.05 am, they’re sowing some jasmine and red roses at the Police station on the intersections of Sarinah – Thamrin. 

No more terrorist, no more tragedy. Hopefully 

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