“Zaman Now”-nya Go-Jek Kayak Gini…

Marketing “Zaman Now”? Go-Jek kembali ke konvensional.  Di simpul kemacetan dekat jalan layang non – tol Tebet, Go-Jek memasang papan iklan baru. Bukan foto model atau grafis mentereng, melainkan teks kecil – kecil, isinya cerita dua paragraf. “Hanya yang kena macet yang bisa baca tuntas”, kata Pietr Jakubowski, Chief Marketing Officer Go-Jek.  Di akhir teks ada pesan moral dan pesan marketing yang sangat kuat: “Dari … Continue reading “Zaman Now”-nya Go-Jek Kayak Gini…

New Opportunity for Ads: Facebook Quiz

I played 2 quizzes on Facebook on 10 minutes. I don’t always do quiz on Facebook but I found it interesting when I saw my friend shared a quiz about geography. “Do You know where is Transylvania?” the post said. I was quite curious, I clicked the link and answered 30 questions that challenged me on my knowledge about geography. It was fun, at my … Continue reading New Opportunity for Ads: Facebook Quiz

Silento: New Forms of Gangnam Style

First time I heard the name of Silento was when I watched the video of 11 years old girl dancing with his father on Ellen Show. I saw the video on YouTube, which at this time, has been viewed by more than 13 million times. The girl, named Austynn Samarco created the video of her dancing like Silento where in the middle of the video, … Continue reading Silento: New Forms of Gangnam Style

Do We Watch More Violent?

‘Do we watch more violent?’ This question went up in my seminar class today. Prof. Raymond Boyle, the seminar instructor, asked this question in regards to how the audience shifted their behaviour on watching traditional TV. In the UK context, says Professor Boyle, television depicted less violence than 20 or 30 years ago. Partly because the role of public service broadcaster such as BBC and … Continue reading Do We Watch More Violent?