Flight to London with Garuda

First impression:

– it was on time. The first time my mom bought the ticket, the schedule was 08.40am. Continue reading “Flight to London with Garuda”


The End of Maria Sharapova? 

I just enjoyed my white cinnamon coffee at Gilchrist Postgraduate Club when BBC News broadcasted Maria Sharapova’s press conference.

She admitted that she failed the doping test because she has been using Meldonium. This kind of drug, she said, is used for her treatment because she also diagnosed to be diabetic. 

What a shame, in this International Women’s Day today, one of the best women sport player in the world could end up her career like this. Even Nike has announced that they will suspended their sponsorship for Sharapova. 

I’ve read this compethensive article by the BBC:


Light Snow Last Night

10 minutes before 12am midnight, I decided to went home. From the exit door of the Main Library, I was seeing that there was raining. There was light snow at midnight in ‘Hogwarts’..! 

When I woke up in the morning, there was no more snow outside. So perhaps this light snow was just happened for some minutes.

I always ‘celebrate’ the moment when snow was falling. I won’t see any snow in my home country. We always explain Indonesian weather as ‘It is almost sunny the whole year with the temperature 30 degrees on average’ LOL. 


A Piece of Story: Being Minority

It’s clearly not an issue to perform praying in public spaces in Indonesia. Schools, offices, karaoke places, even gas stations provided a ‘dedicated’ space for Muslims to do the praying.   

, Unfortunately, it’s not applicable somewhere else, where Muslims is minority. 

Couple days ago, I had a meeting at Medical School. It was nearly 1.30pm, and I just have another 30 minutes before the next class, which taken place at Boyd Orr Building, just across the road. Therefore, that was the prefect time to do Dzuhur (a prayer at noon). 

Luckily, a friend of mine, a medical student,  was accompany  me to a ‘praying space’ at Medical School. It was not literally a praying space. It was a tiny space at the end of the stairs, on the top of that building (4th floor) – on the picture above. 

There are some praying mats and veils ‘provided’ by Muslim students who study medicine and hanging there. 

Apparently, today, I almost missed Magribh praying. I went to Interfaith Praying Room at the Main Building and found that the door has been locked. So, here we go, I made my way to The Library, climbed up to the 9th floor, and praying among the ‘french literature’ bookshelf. 

The library used to have praying space at 9th floor. But it has been 2 months that the refurbishment project affect that ‘room’. Suddenly, we found our praying mats and veils being moved outside the ‘room’. 

It has been several times Me and Muslim friends ‘adapting’ with this situation. Either finding any ’emergency place’ for praying (e.g. Among the bookshelf at the library) or do the praying later at home (Jama’ or Qashar). 

I personally raised my concern about this and talked to few people and sent an email to the university. But the response was dissapointing. They said that the university has provided interfaith praying space, which can be use inclusively by students from any religion including Muslims. The case is, only Muslims perform the praying 5 times a day. Moreover, IF our friends from one religious organisation have booked the room, others (including Muslims) cannot have access. 

That’s it. We have already done our best. I appreciate Daniel and Eliz from PPI Greater Glasgow who are Catholics but fully supported me when I raised this concern. I also appreciate GUMSA that has been calling for ‘a proper’ praying facility since a long time ago (someone says since 1999). 

In conclusion, I personally find this in 2 ways. 

(1) There will be some ‘obstacles’ to stand to what we belief. And I believe I’ll have a ‘reward’ from it. 

(2) when I get back to Indonesia, I should put more empathy to others from different etnicity and religion, since I considered to be ‘majority’ in my country. What goes around comes around, in a positive way :).